Strength Training For Kids – How to Either Keep Your Kid in Shape Or Keep Your Kid From Getting Fat! |

Well, it is no secret that epidemics such as childhood obesity and youth onset diabetes are a problem this day and age with today’s youth. Kids spend more time in front of the X Box, the Playstation, and the Wii than doing anything constructive that will benefit them.To me this is a major problem. I would blame a lot of parents for not taking a more proactive approach in trying to discipline their children to workout and be more active individuals. Now most people say I am being a little over the top when I mention the words discipline, kids, and workout all in the same sentence. Well, lets look at this logically. For one, when I was growing up me and my friends never had to be told to go out and play. As a matter of fact, we frequently asked permission to do so. Also, with many kids taking the TIME and LIBERTY to play their favorite video games the numbers show that they are certainly not doing anything positive with their health when you compare numbers on kids from about 10 years ago.The bottom line is that there has been a change in lifestyle. As a professional I would strongly suggest that you enroll your child in a highly effective strength training program. Now when I say strength training don’t assume I mean weightlifting. There is a difference. Kids can gain tremendous fitness and strength through properly manipulating and utilizing their own body-weight. With an effective strength training program a child promotes stronger muscles, stronger bones, promotes fat-loss, and lays the foundation for being a healthy and fit adult later on in life.If you do decide to take this approach I would highly recommend hiring a professional. There are many things you can do as a parent to ensure that your child stays healthy. Aside from implementing and getting them involved in a strength and conditioning program you can enroll them into some sort of recreational sport or activity. Many of these sports include some level of strength training that is more beneficial for your child than the X Box!

Sport and Fitness Supplements |

Sport and fitness supplements are used by a variety of people for the achievement of their goals in physical fitness, building lean muscle as well as weight loss itself. One of the key issues that often sets one back in terms of their muscle building or at least their efforts in the gym is quite often the incorrect use of these products, and whilst one may display great enthusiasm and commitment to the physical activity part of the equation, if they are not utilising the correct products then you really are defeating the object of the entire exercise.The use of sport and fitness supplements are all dictated by time, affordability or at least the availability thereof, especially in the case of time, as we would all like to do a million things but in our current and often hectic lives time just is not always available. Either way once you have made the decision to build muscle and lose some of that fat then the most logical place to start is with both the workout routine and the eating plan that you have in mind to incorporate your sport and fitness supplements into.Considering your diet, you would do well in focusing on high protein foods, such as that of meat, dairy and related food types, whilst additional supplementation can be via whey protein products and other pro mass or weight gaining supplements, this is the basic building block that will be required. In essence you should be focussing on foods and sport and fitness supplements that encourage or at the very facilitate the growth of muscle, whilst further aiding in the loss of fat which can be accomplished via the lowering of the intake of processed foods, and unnecessarily fatty foods.Do not believe for one minute that the use of sport and fitness supplements, and a well structured diet and or eating plan will guarantee a physique and body that people will be envious of, rather accept the fact that a lot of hard work both in the gym and outside will be required to get that ideal shape and form you have set for yourself to achieve. In addition to a suitable workout routine and a balanced diet or eating plan, the right mental frame of mind and attitude will enable you to achieve these goals.If you are looking into the use of creatine in terms of the sport and fitness supplements that are currently available, then you should further be made aware that this supplement can have an opposite effect in terms of providing strength if you are not really working out hard and pushing yourself to the limit. Although this does not imply that any sort of negative side effects will befall you, you would rather just be wasting both your time and money by utilising such a supplement. Consider your entire motivation as well as your routines, diets and workouts when deciding upon which sport and fitness supplements you will incorporate into your plans, once you have a well laid out plan you will in all likelihood achieve your goals.

Minimalist Strength Training For MMA Fighters |

While there are literally tons of intricate routines specifically for “MMA Fighters” out these days, many of them trying to mimic the sport specific movements and components of the actual event, few are actually written by people who around real fights on a daily basis or who have actually trained and fought themselves. Strength training and conditioning are meant to increase an athletes GENERAL capacities, and any training outside of that realm is just plain nonsense.As an MMA fighter, your objectives are to pracitce your sport and its components – boxing,muay thai,brazilian jiu jitsu,wrestling, judo, etc and to get really, really good at them. That alone will leave very little in the way of recovery time to do much else, therefore when doing our strength and conditioning work, your number one goal is to MAXIMIZE your time. Get strong, train various energy systems, and watch it translate on the mat or in the ring. If you do this WHILE concurrently practicing your sport, you will see vast improvements and be on your way to dominating your opponents.But before we do anything, its important to understand what your needs really are as a fighter when it comes to strength and conditioning. Too many athletes are focused on the WRONG things and wonder why they are always tired, run down, and generally not seeing their hardwork in the weight room translate into the gym.1) You need to be “generally” strong all over your entire body. While improving your squat or deadlift can certainly help you, all too often I see athletes focus all of their attention on just getting bigger numbers in the weight room and it hurts their performance BIG TIME.2) You need to be able to handle your own bodyweight. I’m talking various push up variations (from the standard push up done CORRECTLY to more advanced variations, to handstand push ups, to recline rows, to being able knock out a ton of PULL UPS!3) You need to train the body as one unit, and not as a bunch of separate bodyparts. Upper – Lower splits are fine, but for most MMA athletes I like to see them using total body sessions.4) Get in and get out! If you are training striking and grappling for a total of 2-3 hours every day, then there is no need to be spending hours in the weight room! 30-40 minutes tops, and in some cases, as little as 15 minutes will be PLENTY to get in a great session.For this program, you are going to NEED just 2 pieces of equipment, but if you have access to more then feel free to substitute anything else in. First, I recommend making a sandbag anywhere from 50-70% of your own bodyweight. If you already have a lot of experience in the weight room, lean towards 60-70%, if you’re new to all of this, go with a bag around 40-50% of your weight. Next, all you’ll need is a pull up bar. Just these 2 things alone, along with your own bodyweight, is plenty to keep you improving for a long time. This is just a 2 day program, leaving plenty of time to get better at punching people and wrapping them up like a python on the 1:warm up: 3 sets done in a circuit
push ups x 10
squats x 15
sprawls x 10
reverse lunges x 10 (5 each side)
mountain climbers x 10 (5 each sidea1) sandbag clean and press 4×3-5
***clean the bag to the “rack” position on your shoulders and power it overhead. lower to the ground and repeat.a2) mixed grip pull ups 4 x reps (stop 1-2 short of failure)
***use a different grip each set (overhand, underhand, towel, wide, close, etc)b1) advanced push up variation (divebomber push ups, incline push ups, etc) 3x reps
***pick one TOUGH push up variation and stop 1-2 reps short of failureb2) bent over sandbag rows 3×6-10
***just like a regular barbell row, maintain a flat back and explosively row into your abdomen.c) sandbag bear hug squats x 20 total reps (try to do so in as few sets as possible)
***bear hug your sandbag and sit back just like a regular squat. Be sure to squat deep and maintain a flat back. Don’t let that chest cave!day 2:
warm up: 3 sets done in a circuit
robot push ups (from plank position to push up position back to plank ) x 10
squats x 15
sprawls x 10
lateral lunges x 10 (5 each side)
groiners (bringing feet to outside of hands) x 10 (5 each side)a1) sandbag shouldering 4×4-8 (2-4 each side)
*** rip the sandbag from the floor to one shoulder. lower to ground and repeat for other side.a2) handstand push ups 4x reps
*** Kick your feet up onto a wall and use your arms to lower your self to the ground and back up. If you cant do a full handstand push up, just hold the static position for time.a3) mixed grip pull ups 4 x reps
***like on day 1, try to use a different grip on each set. don’t get comfortable!b1) sandbag bear hug reverse lunges 2×8-10 (4-5 each side)
*** bear hug the bag and perform reverse lunges in alternating fashion.b2) sandbag bear hug goodmornings 2×8-10
***just like a regular goodmorning or romanian deadlift, bear hug the bag and push your butt back keeping your knees slightly bent and weight on your heels.c) Carry for distance.
***Bear hug your sandbag and carry that sucker for distance. Try and cover at least 200′.