Strength Training For Kids – How to Either Keep Your Kid in Shape Or Keep Your Kid From Getting Fat! |

Well, it is no secret that epidemics such as childhood obesity and youth onset diabetes are a problem this day and age with today’s youth. Kids spend more time in front of the X Box, the Playstation, and the Wii than doing anything constructive that will benefit them.To me this is a major problem. I would blame a lot of parents for not taking a more proactive approach in trying to discipline their children to workout and be more active individuals. Now most people say I am being a little over the top when I mention the words discipline, kids, and workout all in the same sentence. Well, lets look at this logically. For one, when I was growing up me and my friends never had to be told to go out and play. As a matter of fact, we frequently asked permission to do so. Also, with many kids taking the TIME and LIBERTY to play their favorite video games the numbers show that they are certainly not doing anything positive with their health when you compare numbers on kids from about 10 years ago.The bottom line is that there has been a change in lifestyle. As a professional I would strongly suggest that you enroll your child in a highly effective strength training program. Now when I say strength training don’t assume I mean weightlifting. There is a difference. Kids can gain tremendous fitness and strength through properly manipulating and utilizing their own body-weight. With an effective strength training program a child promotes stronger muscles, stronger bones, promotes fat-loss, and lays the foundation for being a healthy and fit adult later on in life.If you do decide to take this approach I would highly recommend hiring a professional. There are many things you can do as a parent to ensure that your child stays healthy. Aside from implementing and getting them involved in a strength and conditioning program you can enroll them into some sort of recreational sport or activity. Many of these sports include some level of strength training that is more beneficial for your child than the X Box!